We installed the system to centrally monitor the heating around the site, reducing fuel use as well as making management of the site easier and operating from my PC. Control Technology UK Ltd extended their system to include lighting management. This has contributed to us being awarded the Carbon Trust coveted Energy accreditation for achievement in energy efficiency. We have made savings on the lights (45% reduction in ‘on’ time) and commend CT UK Ltd for the work they have carried out.
Paul Blackman
Site Operations Manager
Morphy Richards
The combination of an easy to use system, accurate temperature and time settings from one PC together with the potential savings that were guaranteed to us by CT encouraged us to move ahead.

We have followed the ‘before and after’ gas use figures since installation and are know that the BMS has made the savings that were expected. We also follow the degree day data and again savings expected fell within this guideline.
Neil Fegan
Works Manager
Arville Textiles Wetherby
Rochdale BMS
Since installing the heating management system, we have seen a number of benefits, more confidence that the control of heating in the warehouse is now controlled at management level only, also as a result of the installation we know the temperature in a number of areas as well.

We have seen reduced usage of gas units per year 25% approx. We have noted that this has occurred for two main reasons relating to the installation of the system:
  • Restricted Access to the control panel - The units are controlled centrally so cannot be turned on at anytime by anyone and forgotten about, which as happened in the past.
  • When the heaters are on, they are operating more efficiently.
Winston Thomas
Fellowes Group Doncaster Health, Safety & Facilities Manager
Rochdale BMS
We have a large warehousing area and Head Office. Our heating system and controls were designed and specified by CT UK LTD: both have served us well over the years.
R Reah
Finance director XL
Joinery Batley
We invited Control Technology UK Ltd to install new heating and the Building Management System to control the heating across our manufacturing site, and both have run efficiently and effectively

Our controls system enables me to manage the entire site from my desktop PC – and is generally left to run without any day-to-day interruptions, as it does all the calibrating based on our daily needs, the alterations in the weather etc by itself.

I have found the system to be easy to operate and apart from an annual service, we have found it to be reliable-not requiring attention at other times
M Bugeja
Engineering Manager, NSF Controls
We invited Control Technology to assess the potential to reduce costs, and were presented with a formal report, which included costs and savings. CT UK Ltd formally guaranteed the minimum level of saving, and we went ahead with the installation of their Building Management System. Our fuel consumption reduced by 50% with a payback within the first heating season.
Brian Green
Chief Engineer
William Sinclair & Sons (Stationers) Ltd
Since having the system installed we have halved our heating bill also the original system paid for itself in the first 9 months. The system itself is very easy to understand and the programming is easy to follow. On the side of the service by yourselves we have found that you respond very well to queries and to call outs for repair work and add ons.
Nigel Woosey
HMP Askham Grange
Further to our original site surveys in the spring of 2004 looking at areas of energy savings, we decided to look at the installation of a central management of the heating system on our production site in Belper.

Our heating comprises of a principal directly fired warm air blower, supported by some smaller, indirect heaters in enclosed areas.

In the absence of any reliable or effective control, almost anyone had access to switch the factory on or off. One truck driver was suffering from a chill, so he turned the factory heating on in – September!!

We installed the a Building Management System in the autumn with CT UK LTD and have observed the following;

Reduced complaints about fluctuating temperatures

Reduced fuel use (28%) over the previous year

Site management made easier

We are pleased to commend the systems that CT UK LTD installs.
Steve Glover
Engineering Manager.
DSS Packaging Belper
We installed a new heating scheme a number of years ago, designed and installed by CT UK LTD, and have built up a relationship with CT UK LTD over the years and plan to continue using their services which we have found to be competitive and effective
P Wilkinson
Chief Engineer Progress Rail
Our savings were nearer 40% of fuel use after installing the new controls system
Andy Bower
Chelburn Engineering Rochdale
We are delighted with the service we have received from CT UK LTD over the years, looking after our heating systems across the site
John Dutton
LF Europe
We installed a Building Management System in the autumn 2013 and would recommend CT UK LTD for their services.
Dave Ellis
Manager at Newsmith Stainless Ltd


The company has been rated as “STRONG” in a new analysis of the UK’s 258 largest Building Energy Management Systems. This is the highest accolade we award and reflects excellent performance over the last 12 months.

What is more impressive is that CT UK LTD has achieved this in a difficult marketplace where 69 competitors are in financial danger and a record number are making a loss. 

The Plimsoll Analysis – Building Energy Management Systems- individually assesses the 258 companies using the proven and easy to read Plimsoll Model. The model highlights the latest performance of each company and separates those in trouble from those getting it right

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