PV Solar


PV Solar is a robust proven technology that supplies almost 15% of the UK’s consumption, with energy prices reaching historic highs there has been not better time to invest in solar generation.

We can offer a full end to end design and installation of renewable energy systems which are tailor-made to your needs. We will carry out a full commercial or domestic survey to gain key data which will be used to determine the most cost and energy efficient way of improving your power generation and consumption.

PV solar converts light energy into electrical energy and contrary to what some think the UK is a really good location for efficient PV systems. These systems can also be coupled with an energy storage system such as a battery which will allow the end user to consume the previously generated energy whenever they like.

Given the current inflation of energy prices and the cost effectiveness of the technology the current paybacks of our Solar PV systems are projected to be 2-5 years (20-35% IRR).


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